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People Are Talking About Gender Equity—Is The C-Suite Listening?

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Why the C-Suite Needs to Care About Gender Equity

“Achieving gender equality is essential as a matter of justice and human rights—and it also unleashes a range of positive economic and development outcomes.”—BNY Mellon & United Nations Foundation

In the era of social media, sweeping change often happens at the grassroots level. Egypt’s Arab Spring is a perfect example. Protesters used social media as a tool to mobilize and reach a global audience—giving a snapshot in real-time of action on the ground and solidifying the effectiveness of social media as a tool for cultural transformation. 

Today we are in the midst of an awakening and social media is again being used to mobilize the crowd. #MeToo, #WhatAboutUs, and #TimesUp are the rallying cries of women (and men) nationwide, demanding a change to the ways women are treated in all areas of business, public life, and at home.

Despite the conversations taking place, predictions surrounding the length of time it will take before we reach gender equity inside of business are stunning if not disheartening. According to a recent World Economic Forum report, it will take 217 years to achieve global gender parity.

217 years.


Why, given these broad-reaching and seemingly inescapable conversations surrounding the politics of gender, are we still facing more than two hundred years of work before the gender equity gap is eliminated?

Perhaps it’s because the C Suite isn’t listening. 

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Monetizing the impact of gender equity on business is one way to gain attention at the executive level. Trillions of dollars are being left on the table as a result of the gender equity gap. Eliminating this gap has the potential to free up nearly $300 billion in global, annual spending by 2025 making this an issue of not only great social significance but of huge financial importance as well.

“Gender inequality is not only a pressing moral and social issue but also a critical economic challenge. If women—who account for half the world’s working age population—do not achieve their full economic potential, the global economy will suffer.”—McKinsey Global Institute

Providing women and men with equitable opportunities for professional and economic growth simply makes good business sense. No member of the C-Suite within any organization would turn down the opportunity to optimize financial outcomes. To unlock the potential earnings for business however, leaders need to transform their processes, culture, and infrastructure, and map out a journey to eliminating the gender equity gap.

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But first, the C-Suite needs to listen.

Business leaders often shy away from peering into the dark recesses of their organizations out of fear for what they may discover. Deeply rooted gender biases exist within even the most forward thinking of companies and it takes the listening and active participation of the C-Suite to recognize the potential for change and the huge financial opportunity that exists alongside it. 

“Many employees think women are well represented in leadership when they see only a few. And because they’ve become comfortable with the status quo, they don’t feel any urgency for change.”—Women in the Workplace, 2017

At Pipeline™ we enable organizations to realize improved financial performance by providing a data-driven path toward gender equity. Data and awareness are made actionable through artificial intelligence, a projected economic value and white glove service. Wherever your business is along the journey toward gender equity, Pipeline™ empowers you to seize this unparalleled economic opportunity.

There is money being left on the table—are you listening?

Pipeline SaaS Platform for Gender Equity

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