Dedicated support to drive equity within your organization

From implementation to support, the Pipeline™ customer experience team is here to assist you in your journey towards improving financial performance through equity in your workplace.


Software Implementation

A member of our data science team will work with your team to allow for a seamless integration into your HCM/CRM platform. Leveraging specific expertise in modern HCM/CRM platforms, Pipeline™ will deliver on a promise for a pain-free implementation process. We work with key leaders in your organization to encourage adoption by ensuring a clearly communicated vision for the Pipeline™ platform within your organization.

A dedicated Customer Experience expert for your implementation to ensure maximum adoption of the platform.

A focused implementation plan that encourages faster adoption.

A committed project team that supports your leadership in on-boarding of the platform.

Assistance in identifying key members of your organization to become ambassadors for the Pipeline™ mission.

Ready to take action?

Pipeline is your digital roadmap to achieving workplace equity. Request a demo to learn more.