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Yahoo Finance | Why Females Feel Impact of Trade War More Than Men

Aug 2, 2019

Pipeline CEO Katica Roy sat down with Yahoo Finance to discuss the gendered impact of US tariffs, the 2019 July jobs report, and the changing labor force demographics.

Key Takeaways:
-The tariff schedule includes gender as part of its statistical calculation.
-On average, men pay 11.9% more on imported apparel and women pay 15.1% more.
-Tariffs contribute to the Pink Tax, or the fact that women pay 7% more 40% of the time.
-July added 164k jobs, unemployment held steady at 3.7%, and average hourly wages are up 3.2% YOY.
-Women’s labor force participation was expected to fall from 2016 to 2026. Last year we saw women’s labor force participation increase by .4%.
-There are more women (29.5MM) with bachelor’s degrees or higher in the labor force than men (29.3MM).
-Although there’s been an increase in hourly wages, consumers are living in more debt than their parents and paying more for health care, higher education, and housing.

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