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World Economic Forum | Why men can (and should) participate in the care economy too

Aug 26, 2022

While the COVID-19 pandemic brought the economics of care into vogue in policy circles, well-intentioned solutions dedicate only a modicum of attention toward how to equitably patch the holes in this industry. If we truly believe in the importance of gender equity and in the necessity of care infrastructure, why aren’t we formulating solutions to increase the number of men in care?

I propose a strategy for the care economy based on the premise of gender equity economics. As Gabriela Bucher, Executive Director of Oxfam International said during Davos 2022, investing in childcare would “liberate the potential” of women.

If liberating women’s potential is the output, how might increasing men’s labour contribution to the paid care industry be the input? Achieving gender equity in the US could activate $3.1 trillion in economic energy. We owe it to ourselves to explore the viability of this solution.

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