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Women’s Foundation of Alabama reports potential for the state’s overall GDP to grow by $22 billion

May 13, 2022

The Women’s Foundation of Alabama released its 2022 economic impact report during a research showcase at The Club in Birmingham with Pipeline CEO and founder, Katica Roy, as the guest speaker.

Women’s Foundation of Alabama stated in their opening remarks, “[T]his report is an important benchmark on the critical role that women in Alabama have on the state’s economy. The report – for first time in recent history – defines the economic impact of women in Alabama finding that women workers generate more than $43 billion in earnings annually.”

With women making up half of the state’s workforce and 74.2% of Alabama women representing their families as the breadwinners, “there is a huge economic opportunity whether you believe in the wage gap or not,” stated keynote speaker Katica Roy of Pipeline – an award-winning company leveraging “artificial intelligence to identify and drive economic gains through gender equity.”

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