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Women’s Foodservice Forum | Using Data to Drive Gender Equity

Oct 23, 2018

Daily decisions open windows of opportunity 
Driving gender equity is a big goal that research shows requires CEO commitment and engagement to transform platitudes into action. But it’s also a very frontline endeavor with thousands of opportunities every year to advance gender equity through daily decisions you make around hiring, pay, performance, potential and promotion.

“At least once every year, almost all companies look at every employee and make decisions about how well they are performing, what their potential is with the organization, and what their pay should be,” explains Katica Roy, CEO & Founder of Pipeline, a technology company that enables organizations to increase financial performance by closing the gender equity gap.

Although every organization needs an overall strategy to drive gender equity from the top-down, the decisions you make on a regular basis can move things in the right direction. “If you’re a company with 10,000 employees, the decision points around their compensation, performance and advancement alone give you 30,000 opportunities every year to move your company further toward gender equity,” Roy asserts.

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