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What The Fundraising | Episode 80: Closing The Gender Equity Gap With Katica Roy

Oct 25, 2022

Here’s a data point worth highlighting: Dollars invested in female-founded startups offer an average 63% better return on investment than those with male founders. That’s not merely anecdotal, says my guest on this episode of What the Fundraising. Katica Roy, a Gender Economist, and CEO at Pipeline Equity, has all the stats and research to back up her assertions about intersectional inequity and its many costs – both social and economic. Her powerful Pipeline platform operationalizes gender equity, drives improved business performance, and offers success metrics to back it up. Inspired by her parents’ dramatic journeys — from refugees to capturing the American dream – Katica is devoted to making a systemic change that is backed up by measurable controls, top-down corporate commitment, and supportive, smart policy.

Our conversation illuminates a number of disturbing statistics as well as avenues for making meaningful change. That change, however, all has to start with our individual and organizational ability to look candidly at biases clearly being perpetuated, even among nonprofits whose missions are dedicated to fostering justice and fair access for the under-served. The episode wraps up with some fascinating advice from a formidable female entrepreneur who has experienced first-hand the uphill battle women face in trying to secure funding. Among the many things she has learned? “Standing in your own power is important … You will get pushback and that’s okay. That just means you’re doing something right!” You can read more of Katica’s amazing data-informed insights by subscribing here to her free online publication, Voices for Equity.

Listen here.