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We Should Talk About That | We Should Talk About Gender Equity, the Economic Lens, and…

Oct 17, 2022

Since 1970, women have added 2 TRILLION dollars to the United States economy through their increased labor force participation, and we have lost 67% of that progress since the beginning of the pandemic. On top of that, the inflation rate of goods and services towards women is DOUBLE that of goods and services towards men.

Katica Roy, gender economist, and founder of Pipeline, an award winning company that that uses advanced technology to make intersectional gender parity a reality in our lifetime.
In this conversation, Katica breaks down issues like “the pink tax” and why it matters- because women have less money coming into their wallets in terms of income earnings, and more going out, in regards to purchasing goods specified for their gender.
Katica explains that the system wasn’t built to value women equitably- and maintains that we confuse progress and equity. Gender in equity starts in elementary school- the value we place on boys over girls, bleeds into the workplace- and she has a ton of statistics to back up her claims.

If this episode doesn’t light a fire under every woman who listens to it- then nothing will. Packed full of hard data, facts, and really interesting evaluations done by Katica around what gender equity actually means (guess what? It’s not just about women’s rights!)

Listen here.