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The SheSuite | Katica Roy: Gender Equity Through the Lens of Labor Economics

Aug 30, 2018

Katica Roy is the founder and CEO of Denver-based Pipeline Equity, an award-winning technology company that enables organizations to use data to close gender equity gaps.  

A sought-after speaker, Roy’s expert analysis and commentary on gender equity have appeared in Forbes and The Huffington Post. In this SheSuite feature, we discuss the economics of gender equity and its connection to the growing skills gap in the U.S., how inequity affects all of us, and why men need to be part of the gender equality conversation. 

When did you make the leap from corporate executive to entrepreneur?

A little over a year ago. April 4, 2017—Equal Pay Day— was my first full time day as CEO of Pipeline.  

Did you go to investor groups that were interested in backing women-led businesses?

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