All voices matter when it comes to equity for all.

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SheWorx | What’s the Cost of Bias in the Startup World?

Oct 30, 2017

Just two months into my tenure as a female founder and CEO driving business to make the workplace equitable for all, the startup world broke open with news of sexual harassment of female founders by male venture capitalists.  First it was Justin Caldbeck, then Dave McClure and Chris Sacca; in an effort to help, both Reid Hoffman and Ashton Kutcher waded into the choppy waters.  Reid faced backlash for the idea that men have to take a pledge to act decently and Ashton for asking impertinent questions.  However, both were trying to help, and it reminded me how important it is to have male voices in the gender equity conversation – even when they are not quite sure how to navigate the issue, they are willing to step up and we need to let them step up imperfectly.  Their efforts should be a springboard for conversations we need to have to  close to the gender equity gap.

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