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Salesforce AppExchange | The Story Behind The First Gender Equity AppExchange App

Jun 11, 2018

“In 2015, 90% of new CEOs had sales experience. 100% of them were men. If we want to accelerate the time to close the gender equity gap, then sales is a key accelerator, but that’s only the beginning,” shares Pipeline Founder and CEO, Katica Roy, in a recent interview with AppExchange. Katica is explaining that gender equity is often equated to women, but that’s 50% of the conversation. Gender equity impacts men as well.

Two people decided to tackle the gender equity gap head on with technology. The new solution is called Pipeline, and it uses AI to increase financial performance by closing the gender equity gap.

Recently, fellow AppExchange team member Melanie Picard sat down with Katica Roy, as well as CTO Stefan Ramsbott, to hear the story behind Pipeline, how it works, and what’s next.

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