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Renowned Gender Equity Expert, Katica Roy, Forecasts the Business Case for Closing the Pay Gap

Aug 1, 2017

Renowned Gender Equity Expert, Katica Roy, Forecasts the Business Case for Closing the Pay Gap
“Moneyball of Gender Equity” Available to Share the Economics + Specific Category / Cohort Effects

DENVER (August 1, 2017) –

Leading up to National Women’s Equality Day (August 26, 2017), the narrative around gender equity and fair treatment of women in the workplace continues to fuel a large part of diversity and inclusion work within organizations; however, many senior leaders still search for ways to operationalize their pledges for equality.

While changing the narrative around gender equity and improving an organization’s track record in that department have long been a priority for many C-suites across markets, categories and company size, it is a complex issue with billions of data points difficult to understand and apply for good.

“Few debate whether gender equity is an issue, but most agree it’s an opportunity,” said Katica Roy, CEO and founder of Denver, Colo.-based, Pipeline. “My life’s work has focused on the economics behind gender equity not just for one position or within one organization, but the benefits of gender equity throughout a person’s career. It’s not just good sense, it’s good dollars.”

In founding Pipeline, a SaaS company that leverages artificial intelligence to identify and drive economic gains through gender equity, Katica leveraged her passion to eradicate economic inequality and champion the rights of refugees, women and children. The daughter and sister of refugees and an award-winning business leader with more than two decades of experience in technology, healthcare and financial services, Katica is credited as a rare combination of expertise in and passion for gender equity, people analytics and sales operations. She pours her knowledge and unique lens into several community and global initiatives, including as a board member of Edge of Seven, Book Trust, and Isabella Bird Community School, a member of the CU Leeds Women’s Council, and the Women’s Foundation of Colorado, as well as a 2018 Colorado Governor’s Fellow. Katica is also an industry entrepreneur, thought-leader, and frequent editorial contributor and speaker, and was recently named a Luminary by the Colorado Technology Association.

Available leading up to “National Women’s Equality Day” on August 26, 2017
From: Tuesday, Aug. 1 — Saturday, Aug. 26, 2017

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Leveraging her proprietary AI platform and 20 years of work in human capital and diversity/inclusion, Katica welcomes the opportunity to share her unique insights with journalists interested in understanding and improving the narrative around gender equity issues.

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About Pipeline

Pipeline is a Denver-based technology company that increases financial performance of companies through closing the gender equity gap. Pipeline’s proprietary SaaS platform uses artificial intelligence to assess, address and action against the gender biases costing the U.S. alone $2 trillion. This issue is not just about good sense, this is about dollars. Big dollars that turn heads to create social change. For more information, visit, like PipelineEquity on Facebook, follow @PipelineEquity on Twitter, and follow @PipelineEquity on LinkedIn.


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