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Nov 13, 2019

My name is Katica Roy. I’m a gender economist and the CEO of Pipeline, an award-winning technology company that takes a data-driven approach to close the gender equity gap. I am also a breadwinner Mom who fought to be paid equitably twice with the help of the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act- and won.

Our software helps companies make more money by increasing gender diversity. Research shows that gender equity is an economic opportunity. Companies are leaving money on the table by not increasing the diversity of their workforces.
More diverse teams outperform non-diverse teams because they bring different backgrounds and perspectives. In fact, Pipeline found through our own research across 4,161 companies in 29 countries that for every 10% increase in gender equity there is a 1-2% increase in revenue. We have collected over 1B data points in our research. Pipelines Equity for All Report has been instrumental in highlighting the economic imperative of closing the gender gap, using hard data to address the gender biases costing the US alone $2 trillion.

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