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Pipeline Among 18 Startups Participating in Salesforce Accelerate Program

Feb 13, 2018

Pipeline Among 18 Startups Participating in Salesforce Accelerate Program
Pipeline is one of the first gender equity platforms and first Colorado company accepted into the program

DENVER (February 13, 2018) – Colorado-based startup Pipeline, an artificial intelligence (AI) SaaS platform engineered to stop unconscious bias in the workplace, today announced it has joined the Salesforce Accelerate program. The program includes 18 startups in total and kicked off on January 31, 2018.

“For Salesforce Accelerate, we look for organizations with visionary leaders who not only define the business opportunity, but who also see the cultural or market need for change. Pipeline’s platform addresses a true market need by developing a solution that aims to close the gender equity gap,” said Ludovic Ulrich, head of Salesforce for Startups.

Salesforce Accelerate is a three-month program to inspire startups and partners across the globe to accelerate market introduction of AppExchange apps. As a Salesforce Accelerate participant, Pipeline will benefit from regular virtual programming and in-person workshops at key points in the journey. Additionally, the program is designed to share expert insights, development and go-to-market best practices for the AppExchange and provide the necessary support to help onboard a new partner into the Salesforce ecosystem.

“By participating in Accelerate, Pipeline has a unique opportunity to collaborate with Salesforce to aim to fix workplaces plagued by gender inequity,” said Katica Roy, CEO, Pipeline. “Salesforce not only set one of the first examples of understanding and addressing the complex issue of workplace gender inequity from an internal standpoint, it also created an accelerator program that is flexible and accommodating to varying schedules and situations – which means it’s both inclusive and accessible. Entrepreneurs with great ideas come in all genders, have diverse personal experiences and hail from a wide range of locations and backgrounds – and all deserve the opportunity to learn, grow and succeed. Salesforce is empowering us to do just that.”

As the first Colorado startup accepted to the Salesforce Accelerate program, Pipeline has been recognized by Colorado state government and business leaders as an asset to the local community and economy.

“Pipeline is helping to create a cultural shift in Colorado by disrupting the status quo of workforce management and meaningfully quantifying the gender equity of businesses,” said Erik Mitisek, Chief Innovation Officer, State of Colorado. “We are proud that this great company was founded right here in Colorado, a state that embraces the values that Pipeline embodies.”

Pipeline enables companies to realize the economic gains from closing the gender equity gap. The platform interfaces with Human Capital Management (HCM) and CRM systems to intercept human capital decisions – such as hiring and pay – before they’re made. At these decision points, Pipeline’s solution makes a recommendation toward gender equity, measuring the projected increase in revenue of the recommendation and tracking that value over time. Pipeline has determined that this economic value is significant, based on their original and soon-to-be released research across over 4,000 companies in 29 countries. The research indicates that for every 10 percent increase in an organization’s gender equity, there is a one to two percent increase in revenue – an insight that is expected to be a changemaker for the global economy.

However, while the potential for a one to two percent increase in revenue fortifies the existing case for gender equity in the workplace, many businesses still have the opportunity to take further decisive action.

“According to Salesforce’s research, only 25 percent of business professionals believe their employers care about closing the gender pay gap, and only 36 percent believe their employers are actively working to be more diverse,” said Roy. “With Salesforce in our corner, Pipeline will change those numbers.”

Additional information about the Salesforce Accelerate program and a full list of 2018 startups included alongside Pipeline can be found here. To learn more about Pipeline, please visit

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About Pipeline

Pipeline is a Denver-based technology company that increases financial performance of companies through closing the gender equity gap. Pipeline’s proprietary SaaS platform uses artificial intelligence to assess, address and action against the gender biases costing the U.S. alone $2 trillion. This issue is not just about good sense, this is about dollars. Big dollars that turn heads to create social change. For more information, visit, like PipelineEquity on Facebook, follow @PipelineEquity on Twitter, and follow @PipelineEquity on LinkedIn.


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