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New Artificial Intelligence Platform – Pipeline – Aims to Aid Businesses in Gender Equity Pursuit

Sep 25, 2017

New Artificial Intelligence Platform – Pipeline – Aims to Aid Businesses in Gender Equity Pursuit
Denver-based Startup Helps Organizations Make Gender Equity Actionable and Attainable; Improves Economic Impact for All

DENVER (September 25, 2017)  Pipeline, an artificial intelligence (AI) SaaS platform engineered to stop unconscious bias in the workplace and increase financial performance, today launched its proprietary v.1 platform focused on helping businesses understand the economic opportunity available to them through gender equity.

“Few debate whether gender equity is an issue, but most agree it’s an opportunity,” said Katica Roy, CEO and founder of Pipeline. “Employees need to better understand their worth and continue to find ways to fulfill their roles, and organizations need to get smarter about the benefits of investing in their people in new, meaningful, consistent ways. Pipeline drives this mission, while also delivering improved financial performance and positively impacting nearly every organizational success measure.”

Pipeline’s SaaS platform uses AI to assess, address and action toward the additional $4.3 trillion in GDP created by fixing a system plagued by gender inequity (The power of parity: Advancing women’s equality in the United States (McKinsey, 2016)).

What Pipeline Addresses

The U.S. is less than 3 years from a 5 million worker shortage (Georgetown University Center on Education and the Workforce) – and women are leaving the workforce in significant numbers.

Many organizations have signed pledges for gender equality and 78 percent of CEOs have stated gender equality is a top 10 business priority; yet only 22 percent of employees state gender diversity is regularly measured and shared within their workplace (Women in The Workplace Study (McKinsey and, 2016)). The truth is, operationalizing gender equity is complicated.

“Pipeline enables organizations to make good on their pledges and improve financial performance as well,” said Roy. “We work with our customers to identify and better understand their unique, data-driven path toward gender equity, then make that awareness actionable through Pipeline’s artificial intelligence, ultimately delivering a projected economic value, as well as other organizational improvements.”

How Pipeline Works

Using real-time data and reporting, the Pipeline Platform™ allows business leaders to visualize and actualize how equity in the workplace affects their financial metrics.

“The robust, data-driven platform is designed for businesses who care both about the bottom line and the people delivering it,” said Stefan Ramsbott, chief technology officer and co-founder, Pipeline. “Through direct integration with the customer’s cloud-based human capital management system, Pipeline is able to analyze data based on a series of triggered events and make recommendations that support improved financial performance for the organization, as well as growth for the individual.”

A component of the platform, the Pipeline Forecast™ serves customers by:

  1. Pairing improved gender equity with financial metrics
  2. Providing a clear view of the timeline for investment and projected returns
  3. Personalizing customer success benchmarks with current state v. projected outcomes
  4. Delivering real-time support

What Businesses Can Expect

“Pipeline’s primary research indicates for every 10 percent increase in gender equity, companies experience up to a 2 percent improvement in revenue,” said Stefanie Johnson, associate professor, organizational leadership and information analytics, University of Colorado, Boulder. In a study of 4,000 companies across 29 countries (Pipeline proprietary research (2016)), Pipeline determined the incredible economic opportunity awaiting businesses and employees, and its technical, tangible touchpoints help decision-makers communicate the value. Customers can expect Pipeline’s white-glove service, including these components:

  1. Pipeline Dashboard™: provides a rollup view of actionable recommendations to achieve gender equity
  2. Pipeline Score™: extends organizational equity pledge by illuminating commitment to eradicating bias
  3. Easy Onboarding: seamlessly integrates with existing cloud-based HCM/CRM systems to drive expedited and increased adoption

Pipeline also gives both leadership and employee teams a shared understanding and ability to address what unconscious bias might be weighing down company performance.

Why Pipeline Is Needed

While Pipeline’s AI platform makes gender equity initiatives achievable within organizations, all voices are needed to drive the change that can achieve gender equity for this generation and the many to come.

Roy stated: “Changing the narrative around gender equity is the first step to improving an organization’s business outcomes, and it also better serves the individual, the household, and increases the economic pie for everyone. Diversity and inclusion have long been a priority for many C-suites across markets, categories and company size; it is a complex issue with innumerable data points difficult to understand and apply for good. We need to fix the leaky pipeline.”

A recent World Economic Forum study determined gender equality and, therefore, gender equity, in its current trajectory, is 158 years away in North America. A quickened pace and progress toward gender equity now can help alleviate and even eradicate several bilateral issues including:

“My life’s work has focused on how people learn, engage, grow and prosper within organizations, and the data says support and desire need to be driven from both directions,” said Roy.

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About Pipeline

Pipeline is a Denver-based technology company that increases financial performance of companies through closing the gender equity gap. Pipeline’s proprietary SaaS platform uses artificial intelligence to assess, address and action against the gender biases costing the U.S. alone $2 trillion. This issue is not just about good sense, this is about dollars. Big dollars that turn heads to create social change. For more information, visit, like PipelineEquity on Facebook, follow @PipelineEquity on Twitter, and follow @PipelineEquity on LinkedIn.


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