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MSNBC | Women are slated for another economic blow. Here’s how to weather the storm.

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Aug 9, 2022

Imagine a Venn diagram with three circles. We’ll label the first circle “the pandemic,” the second one “post-pandemic inflation,” and the third “portending recession.” The space where the three circles intersect contains a certain cohort of people who are fighting a brand-new variant of economic misery.

Not only has this cohort been steamrolled by labor market turbulence from the pandemic, they have also been disproportionately pummeled by rampant inflation. And now this cohort will be swept away by efforts to tame the very economic hardships hurting them.

Regardless of whether you’re a woman or if you love someone who is, we all suffer from run-away gender inequity. If we don’t immediately apply the gender lens to public policy, the Federal Reserve will never achieve its stated goal “to support a strong, stable economy that benefits all Americans.” Without the gender lens, the lack of parity will continue to rob our economy of equity’s $3.1 trillion dividend.

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