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HerMoney | Coronavirus Is Hitting Women Harder. Here’s How To Turn The Burnout Train Around.

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Jul 24, 2020

Whether you’re worried about losing your job or you’re the only parent at home taking care of what seems like EVERYthing, or you’re still working and then coming home to a house that’s an absolute wreck, you’re unfortunately not alone. The coronavirus is disproportionately impacting women.

You may have heard the term “she-scession” used to imply a recession that’s hitting women the hardest — this is a topic HerMoney took a deep dive into where layoffs are concerned — and the term originated when economists noticed that 2020’s initial job losses impacted women at higher rates than men. According to the National Women’s Law Center, women made up 49% of the overall workforce, but accounted for 55% of job losses in April.

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