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Fast Company | I’m the Techstars CEO: Here’s why focusing on ESG drives wealth

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Aug 12, 2021

I admire a lot of things about Eversend, a startup that is building banking for Africa. Ugandan entrepreneur Stone Atwine, the cofounder and CEO, is meeting a very real need: more than 60% of Africans do not have a bank account, less than 3% have insurance, only 7% have access to credit, and people pay up to 31% for a cross-border money transfer. As a Black entrepreneur, Stone has experienced bias in fundraising (in 2020, companies with Black founders received just over 3% of U.S. venture capital), so the company turned to crowdfunding—and met its €550,000 ($644,000) goal in just two days. It havs won competitions, worked with top accelerators, and appeared on high-profile lists. Continue reading this article on Fast Company to learn the benefits of investing in companies that are invested in social good.