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Dr. Nancy | Gender Equity, a $3.1 Trillion Boost to the US Economy

Nov 15, 2022

Katica Roy is a breadwinner mom and gender economist, who is on a mission to achieve gender equity once and for all. She says that we need to realize that gender equity is not just a social issue but a massive economic opportunity. In fact, if we close the pay gap in the US, the economy would grow by $3.1 trillion; globally, it would increase by $12 trillion. Having fought for equal pay for herself twice and won, Katica decided there must be an easier way through advanced technology. She founded Pipeline®, a SaaS platform that uses artificial intelligence and applies algorithms to show if decisions will have equitable outcomes before they’re made. Katica compares Pipeline® to Google Maps in that it gives you directions so that you can make augmented decisions about how to get from point A to point B.

Of course, there’s more involved in a company’s people decisions. Katica says that there are five decisions that companies make across their talent: mobility, pay, performance, potential and promotion. When those factors are run through the algorithms, inequalities show up according to built-in gender biases. To put it in perspective, Katica says, “The average Fortune 500 company has 60,000 employees and they make three key decisions across their talent each year, which is performance, potential and pay. So that’s 180,000 opportunities to move toward equity each and every year.” Pipeline® makes that possible.

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