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Fast Company | Building Back Better won’t be equitable unless we do this

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Nov 4, 2021


Reconciliation. $3.5 trillion. Infrastructure. Childcare. It’s fair to say that most Americans know little about what’s going on in Congress at the moment. In fact, only one in ten Americans say they know “a lot of the specifics” of the Build Back Better plan currently circulating through the halls of power—a plan that itself reflects only a portion of the legislative energy emanating from Washington right now.


The purpose of this article is not to chase the day-to-day operations of partisan politics. Rather, it’s to expose the subtle ways gender inequity permeates into our most well-intentioned plans to rebuild the economy. To do that, let’s return to the original Build Back Better agenda. Regardless of where you stand on the political spectrum, viewing legislation from the gender lens gives us an efficient means to analyze public policy and tap into the $3.4 trillion economic opportunity of gender equity. Continue reading this article on Fast Company.