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The Broadview Denver | Katica Roy and Using Software to Bridge the Gender Gap

Sep 14, 2017

The Gender Gap is a topic we have talked about multiple times on the Broadview (including this scorecard for our public officials), but how do we tactically make progress towards equality in leadership positions? The Denver firm, Pipeline, is tackling that challenge with software that helps companies “increase financial performance through closing the gender equity gap.” I caught up with co-founder and CEO, Katica Roy to learn more about the company and the impact she is planning to make.

Can you give me an overview about Pipeline and what it provides for corporations?

Pipeline is a Denver-based startup that increases financial performance for companies through closing the gender equity gap at both the individual and corporate levels. We developed a proprietary software as a system (SAAS) platform that uses artificial intelligence to assess, address, and action against gender bias in the company. We focus on five domains: hiring, pay, performance, potential and promotion by integrating with the companies already established human capital system. Before our clients make a decision about one of these, such as hiring or how much to pay, we can give a recommendation as to which candidates internally fulfill that role and what the projected economic value is to the team.

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