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Authority Magazine | Artificial Intelligence Will Help Us Close The Gender Equity Gap

Jul 31, 2018

My vision is to flip gender equity on its head — helping to realize gender equity in our lifetime rather than the 217 years forecasted by the World Economic Forum. Some believe gender equity is a social issue; however, data has shown it’s a tremendous economic opportunity. While Pipeline actively works to eradicate gender inequity and increase financial performance, I work to spur people to think differently about the opportunities that present themselves once we collectively close the gender equity gap. The problem of gender bias is an expensive one. In fact, it costs the U.S. $2 trillion in lost GDP and a solution to this problem would increase the economic opportunity for all. Pipeline marries economic gains and gender equity — taking rich macroeconomic research, driving it down to the company’s microeconomic level and producing an actionable track to deliver gender equity coupled with improved financial performance. Our goal is to make gender equity attainable in our lifetime — and we have.

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