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The Pipeline™ platform connects improved gender equity with increased financial outcomes utilizing platform intelligence-based smart triggers.

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The Pipeline™ Platform

Pipeline™ provides a robust, data-driven analytical platform designed for organizations who understand good mission underscores good business line. Through direct integration with your cloud-based human capital management system, Pipeline™ is able to analyze data based on a series of triggered events and make recommendations that support improved financial performance for the organization, as well as growth for the individual.

Pairing improved gender equity with financial metrics

Providing a clear view of the timeline for investment and projected returns

Personalizing customer success benchmarks with current state v. projected outcomes

Delivering real-time support

Hiring Score shows slate of candidates with Pipeline Score® and Projected Economic Value to the team looking to hire.
Pay Score recommendation with Pipeline Score® and Projected Economic Value of paying equitably.
Rewritten Manager Performance Review with Pipeline Score® and Projected Economic Value of using rewritten performance review.
Potential Score re-calibrates potential ratings to be gender balanced with Pipeline Score® and Projected Economic Value.
Promotion Score allows for recommended employees to be promoted with Pipeline Score® and Projected Economic Value to new team.
The proprietary Pipeline Score® and technical AI platform help organizations quickly identify internal areas of unconscious bias to make gender equity actionable and attainable.

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We keep it simple. As your partner in gender equity, we enable adoption with a straightforward pricing model that encourages transparency.

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