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Yahoo! Finance | Interest rate hikes make ‘it a higher credit risk to be a woman’

Gender economist and Pipeline CEO Katica Roy joins Yahoo! Finance Live to explain how the Fed’s interest rate hikes disproportionately impact women.

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NBC LX | Gender equity key to ensuring a soft landing

Gender economist and Pipeline CEO, Katica Roy, explains how we can close the worker-to-open-job gap.

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Startup Hustle | Why Intersectionality Matters at Work

In this episode of Startup Hustle, Lauren Conaway and Katica Roy, CEO of Pipeline Equity, talk about Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) and why intersectionality matters at work.

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MSNBC | Everyone pays the ‘pink tax’ — whether you know it or not

The gender-specific premium put on products marketed toward women impacts the whole economy. Here are ways to fight discriminatory pricing amid the lingering she-cession.

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Fortune | More than a million women have left the workforce. The Fed needs to consider them as it defines ‘full employment’

“Mission accomplished” in monetary policy is a moving target. The Fed’s mandate of maximum employment and price stability exists within a dynamic economic system with diverse economic players. While we shouldn’t expect policymakers to hit a bullseye, we should expect them to use the most accurate and efficient tools available.

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Yahoo! Finance | Pipeline CEO explains ‘glass rug phenomenon’ for women execs

Pipeline CEO Katica Roy outlines where female workers are likely to encounter the glass ceiling, trends in female executives being hired away from employers, and the likelihood of women executives getting promoted into all-male boardrooms.

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Tech Talks Daily | Episode 2089: The AI Startup Trying to Fix Gender Bias in the Workplace

Gender economist and CEO of Pipeline, Katica Roy, joins Tech Talks Daily to share her story and explains how Pipeline uses AI to weed out unconscious bias to help companies achieve equity in the workplace.

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Fast Company | Women are supporting a tax system that doesn’t support them

Pipeline’s CEO explains how women lose a larger share of their incomes to taxes, and they also receive fewer benefits from the very initiatives their tax dollars fund.

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Wharton | Katica Roy on Wharton Business Daily

Katica Roy, Gender Economist and CEO of Pipeline, joins Dan Loney to discuss the recession for women and the impact of student loan forgiveness.

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MaYapinion™ | Episode 119 – Gender Economist and CEO of Pipeline, Katica Roy

As a leader, Katica doesn’t fall into the trap of simply admiring society’s greatest ills. She believes in using gender-disaggregated data to explain problems—then find solutions to them. Katica is driven by a passion to eradicate economic inequality and champions the rights of refugees, women, and children.

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