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Women’s Foundation of Alabama’s Clearing the Path 2022

The Club

May 13
| Fri 07:30 AM CST

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Women are a critical part of the conversation – 74 percent are breadwinners for their families. Yet, women earn 73 cents for every dollar a man earns, and Alabama has the fifth lowest labor force participation rate in the United States. Women’s Foundation of Alabama will ignite the conversation around why women are important for Alabama’s workforce and economy, with Pipeline CEO and founder, Katica Roy, as a speaker.

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EQL:HER at London Tech Week | Building A Better World Thru Tech

Jun 13 | Queen Elizabeth II Centre, Churchill - Ground Floor
| Mon 11:00 AM EST

New technologies can be a force for good if they’re developed from the ground. How do we ensure that everyone benefits from these technologies, not just elites? Pipeline CEO and founder, Katica Roy, will explain during the 2022 EQL:HER event at London Tech Week.

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The Next Web Conference

Jun 16 | Vision (Main Stage), Taets Art and Event Park
| Tue 04:13 AM PST

Gender economist Katica Roy and Trinny Woodall, former TV personality and founder/CEO of Trinny London, will meet on the main stage for a fireside chat during The Next Web Conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

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