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Techonomy | Techonomy Virtual: Reset + Restore

Jul 13 - Jul 17

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Tech is altering everything about our daily and work lives. It’s hard to say what happens next. Everybody’s wondering what to do, how to spend their time, and what tools would help most. Hey, that sounds like exactly when the dialogues Techonomy curates are most needed!

Nonetheless, we have unavoidably had to postpone our May 19-20 Techonomy East conference in New York. While of course we regret it, we plan to host a free online interactive conference in June, both with speakers we’d scheduled as well as other thinkers about how tech is changing everything.

Meanwhile, Techonomy now hosts weekly online interactive roundtables every Friday at 11am ET, as well as virtual happy hours Thursdays at 4:30 ET. Our CDX community for corporate digital and innovation executives will also host a weekly roundtable series Wednesdays at 2pm ET.

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Upcoming Events

Remote Future | Summit

Sep 24 | Online
| Thu All Day

We want Remote Future Summit 2020 to be an event to connect with each other, be sincere about struggles, and discuss our relationships with remote teams, decreased visibility, and wellbeing.

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Mother Honestly | Caregiving and Work Summit: For Caregivers, Parents and Employers

Oct 02 | Online
| Fri 08:30 AM - 09:15 AM MST

Join Mother Honestly alongside the nation’s top leaders in work, family and care solutions as we come together to address the caregiving crisis, gender and racial inequities and the combined issue of working in the new normal.

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