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Stanford | Motherhood and Work: Challenges and Opportunities for Positive Change


Oct 15, 2020
| Thu 08:00 PM - 09:50 PM MST

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It is 2020 yet the challenges and stereotypes surrounding working mothers have persisted for decades. American working mothers are often perceived as being maxed-out and under-supported. “The motherhood penalty,” the “double-burden syndrome,” and the “second shift” are examples of terms used to describe the realities that mothers often face when managing both their paid work and “unpaid work” such as household responsibilities and caring for children and family. Add in the shelter-in-place due to COVID-19, and working mothers are categorically one of the most time-impacted groups. This course will examine the challenges and opportunities faced by working parents, particularly working mothers, as they navigate the confluence of career and parenting. We will begin with an understanding of the “opt-in” versus “opt-out” debate, looking at Sheryl Sandberg’s “lean-in” philosophy versus Anne-Marie Slaughter’s contention that women cannot “have it all.”

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