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Mother Honestly | Caregiving and Work Summit: For Caregivers, Parents and Employers


Oct 02, 2020
| Fri 08:30 AM - 09:15 AM MST

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The global pandemic has increased the pressure on working parents to choose between their work and their loved ones. As families continue to struggle to balance work and caregiving responsibilities, Mother Honestly is committed to reimagining how they thrive now and in the next economy. As families care for their children, parents, grandparents, the sick and those with special needs, they work tirelessly morning, day and night to earn a living and hold the most fragile parts of our economy together. The caregiving economy is in shambles, women are dropping out of the workforce in droves. Due to the coronavirus, parents are working longer hours and at home, the Boston Consulting group estimated an average of 65 hours spent on household work, equating to two full-time jobs.

“We are not burned out,” wrote Deb Perelman in The New York Times, “because life is hard this year. We are burned out because we are being rolled over by the wheels of an economy that has bafflingly declared working parents inessential.”

As plans for childcare and schools fall through, we seek to bring together thought-leaders, professionals, employers and experts to dissect the impact of the caregiving crisis on working families, and share new frameworks, infrastructure and information on navigating care in a time of crisis.

Join Mother Honestly alongside the nation’s top leaders in work, family and care solutions as we come together to address the caregiving crisis, gender and racial inequities and the combined issue of working in the new normal.

++++ For more detailed list of speakers and their bios, visit the official Caregiving and Work Summit page.

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