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History Colorado | Bold Women. Change History. The Summit


Aug 27
| Thu 06:00 PM - 07:30 PM MST

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Bold Women. Change History. The Summit highlights the power of women to create our future, lead our present, and shape our history.

This online gathering celebrates bold women who take risks and innovate in ways worth replicating and who demonstrate a powerful spectrum of leadership. In short and energizing contributions, women leaders from many fields will share how they show up, create, disrupt, and transform our communities.

As part of the centennial commemoration of the 19th Amendment, The Summit continues to expand the ways in which we understand power and leadership.

Event Details
This 90-minute online gathering will feature creative wisdom shares, artistic performances, and words of inspiration. We’ll explore the following themes through the contributions of multiple bold women:

Bold Beginnings. The collective strength of ancestors.
Bold Callings. Inner wisdom, truth-telling, and equality.
Bold Community. Collaboration over competition; The power of harmonious relationships.

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