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Fortune | Black Mothers in the Workplace

Fortune Magazine


Aug 06, 2020
| Thu 01:00 PM PST

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Black mothers are more than twice as likely to white women to be the primary breadwinner in their families(1) and yet racial bias in the workplace often prevents them from getting jobs or promotions and half of all Black women say that the workplace is where they most often experience racism.(2)

But since stay at home orders were enforced, more than 75% of black women spend over three hours each day on housework, compared to just over half of white women. Black women spend half a day more (12 hours) on child care per week than white women. Put into perspective, this means since California’s stay at home orders went into effect on March 19, black women in that state have spent nearly 120 hours more on child care than their white counterparts.(3)

In this panel, we’ll explore the challenges and experiences Black mothers face in the workplace and at home, which has become especially prevalent with the pandemic, and what opportunities corporations and employers have to understand and start dismantling the forces holding them back.

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