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Sep 14
| Mon 12:00 PM - 01:00 PM MST

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It’s one thing to talk about diversity and inclusion in the workplace. It’s another to drive meaningful, measurable change. How are Colorado’s tech companies reaching out in the community to help those who may have less access to technology careers? How are we providing support, mentorship, internships — and most importantly jobs? This panel will explore the current landscape, a candid look at our progress and strategies to create a more diverse, inclusive technology workforce in Colorado.

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Sandi Mays, Founder, CIO & Chief Customer Experience Officer, Zayo Group

Katica Roy, CEO, Pipeline Equity

Dr. Stefanie K. Johnson, Author, Inclusify: The Power of Uniqueness and Belonging to Build Innovative Teams // Associate Professor, CU Boulder’s Leeds School of Business

Harry Hollines, Founder & CEO, The Hollines Group

Pete Burridge, President and CEO, Greenhouse Scholars

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