Creating a world that inspires a sense of belonging.

Courage, Connection & Trust

We are refugees, immigrants, first-generation Americans, and multi-generation Americans. We are native East Coasters, West Coasters and Midwesterners. We are enterprising, equitable and purpose-driven — and believe in ingenuity, passion and, above all else, bravery. It’s our shared experience that trust and connection take courage, that work should create a sense of belonging. Our culture takes root in our three core values.

  1. Bravery: We are willing to step into the unknown, fail or succeed, and get back up. We believe that bravery is where the magic happens.
  2. Enterprising: We are willing to take action, be resourceful and creative.
  3. Purpose: We serve a greater purpose than ourselves – ending the gender equity gap, once and for all.

People of Pipeline®

Change the Workplace. The Pipeline™ crew is a passionate group that believes in the power of the inspired individual to bring about change — this power is magnified on our teams, who are unequivocally united behind the mission to eradicate gender bias and create the workplace change that propels our businesses and our communities forward. Your voice can bring gender equity to the workforce in this lifetime.

Open Roles