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Pipeline™ makes gender equity achievable within organizations, driving improved business performance and success metrics.

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The U.S. is less than 3 years from a 5 million worker shortage* — and women are leaving the workforce in significant numbers. What can happen if we meet today’s employees where their needs are? We #FixTheLeakyPipeline®.

*Georgetown University

From Our Founder

Katica Roy, CEO and Founder

While not everyone believes gender equity is an issue, most business leaders agree gender equity is an opportunity. In fact, a big business opportunity. According to the World Economic Forum, we are 158 years from gender equity in North America at our current pace. In the meantime, in the U.S. alone we are leaving $2 trillion in GDP on the table by not addressing inequities in our workforce.

Many organizations have signed pledges for gender equality and 78% of CEOs have stated gender equality is a top 10 business priority. Yet only 22% of employees state gender equity is measured within their workplace. The truth is, operationalizing gender equity is complicated.

It doesn’t have to be.

Pipeline™ enables organizations to make good on their pledges and improve financial performance as well. Our clients identify and better understand their unique, data-driven path toward gender equity, then make that awareness actionable through artificial intelligence, a projected economic value and white-glove service.

Wherever you are in your journey toward gender equity, whatever your organizational role in helping realize gender equity now … Pipeline™ empowers you to take that next step.

Let’s work harder to bring equity for all in the workplace.

Pipeline™ is a credible, powerful voice for gender equity, and delivers an awesome solution out of what have historically been disheartening statistics. Their work to achieve equity for all is a welcome and fresh perspective, enabling customers to crush it in pursuit of what's smart and what’s right.

Erik Mitisek

President, IMAgine Analytics

Pipeline™ tackles a very complex problem with a unique solution tailored right where businesses should be focused: the impact on their business performance.

Michelle Frye

Director of Strategy

Katica and the Pipeline™ team are an authoritative and influential voice for the gender equity imperative. They provide a compelling vision for gender equity that delivers improved company economics.

Karen Hjerleid

Vice President of Business Development

Pipeline™ provides a meaningful solution that empowers gender equity initiatives. They are incredible listeners that truly hear the customer’s needs and make them actionable.

Monica Lang

Chief of Staff to the CEO

Pipeline™ brings an exceptionally powerful vision and foresight to the gender equity narrative. Their focus on data and economics paints a compelling picture and pathway to gender equity.

Kirsten Benefiel

Vice President of Customer Success

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